Family operated Suki Bakery gets a Senterior designed modern transformation

POSTED 4 years ago

Suki Bakery in Pahang transformed by Senterior Design.

In the world of business, differentiating yourself from your competitors is often a key ingredient in maintaining top of mind amongst customers. For the decades old family operated Suki Bakery located in the state of Pahang, Malaysia; the 2nd generation owners planned a transformation for their business to keep aligned with the changing business landscape as well as to better serve their supportive customers.

After initial discussions with the Senterior Design team, a decision was reached with the owners to transform the shops interior with a more classy modern industrial interior design approach. This would help not only to make customers feel more welcomed but also create more private yet workable spaces for baking and the storage of equipment and supplies. In order to balance the need for openness and privacy, the planning of space utilization was critical.

Upon entering the bakery, customers are first greeted by a long and sleek counter finished in classy marble and incorporating refrigerated display cases that stretches all the way to the cashier counter located at the back of the shop. The existing ceiling was also removed to provide the interior with a larger sense of space and revealing the original beauty of its existing ceiling.

Display shelves line up against a wall featuring wallpaper with cement-like decorative swirls and add to the more industrial feel within the shop. Wooden panels and mirrors behind the counter provides not only important space for the bakery's branding but also gives the interior a more broader feeling. The work area where are the delicious goodies sold is kept to the back and designed that provides a carefully balanced sense of privacy and openness. In a setting such as a bakery, this is an element which helps customers feel not only more connected to the actual products but also appreciative of the work and care that goes into creating the baked goodies they enjoy.

With this new approach to design for Suki Bakery, the shop now exudes a greater sense of liveliness set in a space that feels beautifully welcoming.