Modern eclectic home for a young Singaporean couple by Vievva Designers

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern eclectic Edgefield Plains HDB apartment by Vievva Designers.

For a modern young couple in Singapore, the appeal of a more modern raw and unfinished interior design style was a goal desired for their home in Edgefield Plains located in the Punggol area. Vievva Designers were brought on board to help visualize, integrate and combine the various elements that suited their preference and ensure these different facets flowed into a seamlessly designed home.

Parts of the walls in the kitchen and one of the bedrooms was first demolished to create a larger sense of space. With the kitchen benefiting from the more open design, a casual industrial styled dining area was added against this more open section while a casual dining nook is positioned within the kitchen itself. To add a dash of colour, blue Moroccan tiles were used as the backsplash lending an eclectic flair to the overall space design.

This living area also presents a unique outlook with a retro styled timber look as the feature wall. Combined with the track lighting, the living area receives a more stylish feel with the spotlights turned on. The glass panels behind the sofa which replaced the demolished wall looks into what was once a bedroom. This space is now beautifully transformed into a home studio with customized built-in storage and display shelving to showcase an array of collectibles. The stylish and modern design of this space is one that any hobbyist would love.

To address a request for a larger bedroom with ample wardrobe, a second bedroom was merged into the master bedroom creating sufficient space to create the sleek modern bedroom seen. The walk-in wardrobe space however, takes on a more eclectic feel with its more subdued finish and colours of the wardrobe in comparison to the more vibrant red used for the flooring. This interesting design approach is followed through in the attached bathroom where Moroccan tiles add a patchwork of vibrant colours while combined with its more modern details and fittings.

The modern design style combined with its more eclectic elements creates a truly unique interior design. With space planning ensuring the home meets the needs of its owners while the home exudes its owners sense of style, this Singaporean home definitely presents a unique combination of styles.