Simple design touches by LUXUR maketh a cozy yet lovely home

POSTED 5 years ago

Lorong Melayu house interior design in Singapore by LUXUR.

Sometimes not over exaggerating the design style of the spaces within the home can result in more beautifully designed spaces. Combined with the right selection of materials, each area can be transformed to create spaces that project a sense of stylish simplicity and create a more cozy ambiance. Some times it takes working with the right professional to help realise the desired transformation.

For the owners of this home on Lorong Melayu in Singapore, the decision was made to bring onboard the team from LUXUR to help visualise and realise their desired interior design style. The common spaces of the living, dining and kitchen leverage on a more open layout to give the interior a bigger feel while simple yet stylish elements help define each individual space. Mirrors clad the walls in the living and dining area providing each space the perception of being a lot larger than in reality. Combined with the colourful artwork adorning the other available spaces, the home looks not just brighter but also livelier.

More simple yet chic furniture complements the overall spaces without overpowering the other elements within the home. This design approach is also utilized in the bedrooms in varying degrees. Built-in furniture complements the overall design of space while still complementing the desired mood of each bedroom. Soft furnishing touches from the curtains to the bedding also complement the overall room design creating very individual designs for each bedroom. Bright colours remain key features with a light pink theme used for the kids bedroom for a livelier ambiance while the master bedroom uses a light blue to create a more calming feel.

Each space is designed and created with specific needs of its owners. By working with a professional to assist in the renovation of this home, the owners have achieved their desired design and transformed their house into a cozy yet lovely home.