Contemporary double storey terrace house in Jakarta by DP+HS Architects

POSTED 4 years ago

A+W House in Jakarta features modern terrace house design by DP+HS Architects.

Located in the metropolitan city of Jakarta, Indonesia is this stylishly designed double storey terrace house by DP+HS Architects. With its double storey layout, the goal was to create a home that combines the owner's personal love of antiques and a wider range of design together with space maximization to better ensure the livability within this home. Taking lead from the owners preferences, the overall design of this terrace house takes on a more modern approach while the spaces within were carefully planned to infuse the home with a variety interior design themes.  

The entrance features a small corridor which enters into a larger living and dining area adding to the overall perception of space internally. To create a better definition of space in a unique and stylish manner, a slideable CNC cut metal panel helps separate these spaces. Designed with an intricate design style, these panels not only helps provide a visual break but also adds a distinctive element of design.

Another unique space design took into consideration the owners dislike of brighter and light spaces and a preference for darker hues. To provide the home a source of natural light while still creating a darker overall ambiance, natural light is confined to the staircase. A large skylight made of laminated glass is used to allow some natural light into the home. This allows the living spaces within to maintain a darker ambiance while still allowing some natural light still to penetrate indirectly, creating a calming space during daytime.

With most of the materials and colours used reflecting the wide variety of design tastes of the owner – smooth with rough, plain with pattern and bright with dark — the same contrasts are reflected throughout the interior design. Creating a modern contemporary home that really exudes the personality and tastes of its owner stylishly.