Stylish loft apartment with a distinct Modern and Industrial look by theMACNABS

POSTED 4 years ago

View of the living and dining areas with its stylish cement rendered flooring.

While we don't usually feature homes from as far as Vancouver in Canada often but this home definitely caught our eye with its sleek and well designed interior. This loft apartment by theMACNABS showcases a sleek modern industrial interior design style with just the right touch of vintage elements. The design makes full use of the available space while still creating individually distinct areas that beautifully showcases its design theme.

As you enter this home, its clean white interior greets you while a raw cement rendered flooring provides an interesting contrast, setting the mood for the overall theme. With the flooring and ceiling finishes providing the double volumed space in this loft apartment a more industrial look, it is the individual features created with reclaimed timber that helps bring to life the more vintage feel within.

Reclaimed timber strips are utilized to create the unique feature wall in the living area. The raw and slightly dirty look of these timber strips adds a touch of colour to the otherwise white and grey space of the interior. A similar styled sliding barn door on the upper floor and the finishing surrounding a wall mounted win rack also uses a similar material and brings just the right amount of vintage elements to the overall more modern industrial style used. 

The kitchen design however departs from the overall design style. A more sleek modern style is used to help define the space and make it stand apart from the overall interior design. Sleek grey kitchen cabinets combined with with tile back-splash and kitchen island counter top finish adds a refined look that creates a beautiful contrast within the home. With its overall design style and matching of elements, this combination helps create a home that beautifully exudes a modern and distinctly classy style.