Wangsa Melawati home redesigned with a spacious ambiance in mind by Surface R

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern contemporary Wangsa Melawati terrace house interior design by Surface R.

Terrace houses are often viewed as enclosed spaces which provide little to provide for a larger sense of space. While this may be true for most homes, this beautiful example located at Wangsa Melawati in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was redesigned to create a home that exudes a greater sense of space.

Where many owners would have maximised the available floor space, the owners of this double storey terrace house opted to create a larger sense of space. With the assistance of Surface R, the interior of this house was redesigned in a more modern contemporary style. White plays a dominant role within the home with the vast majority of the interior walls painted white while the built-in cabinets and shelves were also completed in a stylish white finishes.

To create contrast, timber finishes are added in to complement the overall design while also creating areas of focus. Raw sandstone finish is used to create a feature wall in the living area while the built-in TV cabinet is designed flushed in a classy darker hue wood finish. To create a sense of continuity of design, a similarly styled timber bench is used within the dining area in the adjacent space while white timber pillars form the partition between the spaces.

The white timber pillars also play another fascinating role. Its design seamlessly flows with the timber beams running overhead of the dining area and creates a visual break to the airwell above. The incorporation of space with the airwell helps lend a greater sense of space to the home while the timber beams helps create a sense of beginning and end. This design cue while adding another element to the aesthetics of the interior also plays a more functional role in providing more privacy to the bedrooms on the upper floor. 

The airwell, more clearly visible here adds to the overall perception of space while sunlight streaming in through the skylight helps naturally brighten the space within. It's natural brightness and sense of space helps give this house the feeling of a much larger home. It just goes to show that sometimes maximizing the available floor space may not be the best direction in creating the feeling of spaciousness at home.