Creating a space that exudes comfort for a Villa Laman Cahaya home by Nu Infinity

POSTED 5 years ago

Villa Laman Cahaya TTDI semi-detached by Nu Infinity exudes a sense of comfort and vibrancy.

Each of us have our own individual tastes when it comes to the interior design of our homes. Some of us prefer a darker colour palette that creates a stillness within, whereas others prefer a brighter more vibrant theme that infuses the home with a sense of life and vitality.

For this semi-detached house located at Villa Laman Cahaya in the mature Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the owners opted to create a home that feels more vibrant while still incorporating a design that is distinctly modern and stylish. To achieve their goals with the transformation of their home, the team of Nu Infinity were brought on board and tasked with the design and renovation.

To first create a greater sense of brightness and vibrancy within the home, a light colour palette was selected to achieve this. White was selected as the main colour of choice and used throughout the different spaces. The colour beautifully complements the amount of sunlight streaming into the home through its large floor to ceiling glass windows, brightening up the interior further. To create a feeling of comfort within, light coloured window sheers are used together with darker curtains to give the spaces created a softer feel as well as reduce the harshness commonly faced when allowing more sunlight into the home.

To complement the brighter feel of the interior, a lighter timber tone is selected to create fascinating highlights. Elements on the plaster ceiling incorporate this material and help further define spaces in the common areas of the living, dining and kitchen. To further complement this design approach, the same lighter timber tone is employed into the design of the TV wall panel, kitchen island and even a custom built partition wall shelving unit. This approach while complementing the overall design, provides just the right amount of tone and texture to create a home that is both comfortable yet stylish.