Peranakan shophouse transformed by ONG&ONG into a modern contemporary abode

POSTED 4 years ago

Classic Peranakan shophouse in Blair Plain Conservation area in Singapore redesigned by ONG&ONG.

An old Peranakan shophouse in the Blair Plain Conservation area has been beautifully transformed with a focus on creating unique living spaces resplendent with spaces designed for modern living while promoting a feeling of openness within. With its location in this conservation area, the facade of the shophouse was caringly restored in order to adhere to guidelines set by the government of Singapore. But it is the interior spaces that really define the personality of this home, one which is unique in its mix of modern contemporary elements combined with subtle old Peranakan influences.

Designed to create an oasis within the interior spaces, the design of the home play on more natural finishes especially on the ground floor. Exposed timber beams lends a sense of timelessness as you walk in while the lovely solid timber flooring adds an elegant yet distinctly classy feel to the overall space. With the interior designed with a more open feel, it was important to create visual breaks to give a larger sense of space while ensuring each area within the home still maintains a dedicated area.

A key element used is the incorporation of skylights at intervals, one above the modern and organic designed staircase and another at the indoor courtyard that separates the dining and kitchen to the rear of the shophouse. Sunlight now streams into the depths of the home, lighting the home naturally and minimizing its reliance on artificial lights while highlighting these key features.

On the upper floors, elegantly crafted walkways interlink with the spiral staircase. A long corridor lined with bookshelves and storage space leads to the bedrooms while continuing up to the top floor brings you to the master bedroom and a spacious master bathroom. A pitched roof with a similarly styled timber beams design gives off the same feeling of timelessness, completing the design style of this modern converted shophouse home.

Designed by ONG&ONG.