Scandinavian design style used in simple yet stylish effect by Yong Studio

POSTED 5 years ago

Scandinavian design for a Kota Damansara terrace house by Yong Studio.

Scandinavian interior design styling has definitely found its place internationally with different applications of this simple yet stylish design style used in homes across the world. Here in Malaysia, the Scandinavian interior styling has also found its place among the different design styles that owners look to for inspiration when deciding on the interior design for their homes.

For the owner of a terrace house in Kota Damansara, Malaysia; the simplicity and types of colours and materials used in Scandinavian interior designs was very appealing. However, there was a need to localize and ensure the spaces created within the home remained functional according to everyday use and to do so the team from Yong Studio was hired to transform the spaces of the home with a unique blend of Scandinavian style with Malaysian sensibilities.

To do this, white was selected as the primary colour of the interior as with most homes designed in this design style. A matching white brick wall was designed as the main feature in the living area. The texture and grid-like patterns helps create a focus while still matching the overall theme of the home beautifully. To further highlight the Scandinavian influences, laminate flooring in a light wooden textures is used throughout the ground floor, from the living area all the way to the kitchen! 

With the primary design elements sorted, the focus now turned to creating unique elements to ensure the interior of this terrace house stands apart from its neighbours. Firstly, an open plan layout was utilized to create a greater sense of space. Giving the home a more spacious feeling in comparison to the more compartmentalized layout of its counterparts. With this new found space, the dining area was designed to be incorporated into the overall space.

A custom cantilevered concrete top was designed and built connected to the structural pillar of the home. This design approach allows an integrated styled dining area creating a unique space that still maintains the overall sense of simplicity of this home. To ensure that the home still exudes a sense of style, the kitchen design takes on a different approach. Built with classic strips styled panels and doors, the kitchen gives off a distinct classic yet modern feel and complements the overall Scandinavian approach. White subway tiles used as a back splash complements the overall design and beautifully contrasts with the wooden countertop finishing.

With the clean white and wooden finishes of the interior, the backyard was redesigned to ensure a greater sense of life permeates the spaces within. Folding glass doors open out to the backyard with its carefully manicured green grass while the boundary features a newly build vent block wall painted white. With the key design elements created, this Kota Damansara terrace house has beautifully brought together Scandinavian interior styling with more localized uses and result in a home that puts forth simple yet stylishly created spaces.