Picturesque Leisure Farm home by GSD and PDI Design exudes a classic modern ambiance

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29 Bayou Creek home in Leisure Farm by GDP.

Designing a home away from the fast moving urbanscape provides an open template; it is an opportunity to create not just a create home but also an experience that is unique with its surroundings. The challenge that presents itself is the immersion of a more green landscape with a home interior that exudes an elegant yet timeless feel.

This double storey bungalow designed by GSD Architect with its interior brought to life by PDI Design + Associates, located in the picturesque Leisure Farm, a gated residential resort in Iskandar Malaysia brings both the best of countryside living with the convenience of an urban lifestyle. With its strategic location in the southern state of Johor, Malaysia along the border with urban Singapore, this creates an opportunity to blend the best of resort styled living with more contemporary approaches to architecture, interior planning and design.

The overall design takes a more modern architecture approach while incorporating more classic design elements especially with the entrance and roof design. The key focus is to create a transparency between spaces. To capitalize on the surroundings an effort was made to subtly blend the interior and exterior. Key spaces of the living, dining and bedrooms are designed and positioned to provide unobstructed views of the surrounding greenery.

To complement the structural design and layout, the interior is recreated in a more elegant yet luxurious style while maintaining a more relaxed feel. This sensual elegance approach is achieved through attention to detail in the different spaces while décor is kept at a minimal. The use of a more classical wood panel walls in the dining area as well as the corridor further emphasizes the more modern elements.

Lighting also played a vital role in achieving the desired effect in each specific space. The underpinned result is a home that achieves a contemporary resort feel that is totally at ease with the greenery of Leisure Farm.

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Photos courtesy of Leisure Farm.