LUXUR designs spaces that exude a feeling of classic luxury

POSTED 5 years ago

Kew Drive home in Singapore redesigned by LUXUR ID with a classic luxury feel.

When designing spaces to exude a sense of elegance and classiness and infusing them with elements of timelessness, it can be easy to over do it and lose the focus of the space. But today we have a good example of spaces which have been renovated and transformed to achieve this exact design style. The work done for this home on Kew Drive in Singapore was undertaken by LUXUR. While we may not be privy to the transformation of all the spaces within, the redesign of the study room, bedroom and bathroom showcases the beautifully transformed spaces.

Beginning with the study room, the interior is transformed combining a redesigned plaster ceiling, wallpaper applied to the walls and an interesting built-in cabinet designed to exude a classic luxury feel. But the main feature within this room lies with the feature wall that combines textured wall panels on which a flat screen TV is mounted and matched with a paneled design mirror finish to the sides. Combined with the built-in wall mounted cabinet and display shelves, the design transforms the space within; lending it a beautiful yet classic luxurious feel.

A similar approach is also featured in the renovated master bedroom with its redesigned headboard that combines plush cushion and mirror finishes. An intricate panel sits over the mirrors and lends it an interesting look which is inline with the overall design theme. Built-in side tables are included in a similar classic luxury style. This creates a space that not only feels good to be in but also looks the part. An adjoining walk-in wardrobe provides a spacious and elegantly designed space that provides for all the storage needs. A spacious open cabinet design combined with plenty of drawer storage provides more than adequate storage space while a large mirror fronting the entrance of the walk-in wardrobe not only serves as a dressing space but also lends a sense of spaciousness.

And what is a bedroom without an attached bathroom? Taking on a more simplistic approach to the overall theme, the bathroom is kept more modest where an interesting looking textured wall panel surrounds the mirrors that front both his and hers sinks. Keeping this more functional space simple and clean while still no less connected through design with the other classic and luxurious spaces created.