Modern oriental Mont Kiara condo by Senterior Design

POSTED 4 years ago

Kiaramas Danai condominium home sports a modern oriental design by Senterior.

Located in one of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's more desired residential areas is this condominium home designed with a unique blend of modern oriental interior design theme. With its design approach catering to the unique and exquisite collection of art and decor from around the world, the owner of this condominium wanted to create a home that would be able to showcase the collection is a sleek, classy and modern space.

To achieve this, the team of Senterior Design were entrusted to visualize and transform this home from a normal condominium unit into the modern oriental home seen in the pictures here. To achieve this, wood veneers are used extensively to create its more exquisite look, the natural look created not only adds a distinct style but also give the space a more luxurious feel.

A bold Santos Rosewood natural veneer with its distinct grain and colour transforms the entrance and acts as a precursor to the spaces within where natural marble is matched with the wood veneers used to create a classic yet luxurious space. Taking into consideration of the owners preference for a dark coloured sofa, the flooring uses an interesting Crema Marfil marble finish while the walls and ceiling were purposely kept simple with paints by Nippon Paints and wallpaper sourced from Korean Wallpaper. This combination allows the space to maintain a sense of balance with the intricate details and decorative items on display.

An interesting part of the overall design of this home is the bar counter which was intentionally designed to feel connected with the living area. It's design not only adds more function to space but also acts as a visual divider, adding an element of design to an otherwise empty space. With its natural wood veneer finishing matched beautifully with the marble used in the home, the design of the different spaces combined with the interesting materials used has really brought about a home with a uniquely distinct look.