Creating a larger sense of space with a modern contemporary design approach

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern and stylish Midfields condominium interior design in Sungai Besi by Surface R.

Designing a home takes into account different conditions and requirements from both the stated requirement of the owners as well as a more aesthetic approach. While the aesthetics are sometimes viewed purely from a design perspective, these elements can add to the perception of space as well as contribute to the overall interior design.

The transformation of this condominium unit located at Midfields in Sungai Besi, Malaysia by Surface R plays with design in order to not only transform the interior but also to add to the overall perception of space. With a built-up of 1,120 sq/ft, this condominium is by no means small, by utilizing mirrors in at the entrance, this home takes on the feel of a much larger area. With its design integrated seamlessly with the built-in cabinets, the perception of space created feels completely aligned with the overall design.

A stylish modern kitchen and cozy dining area situated at the front of this home creates functional yet beautifully styled spaces that still provide unobstructed movement through the home. To add a sense of individuality, the walls stretching from the dining to the living are finished with a more industrial styled brick finish. But an important aspect of the overall design is definitely the inclusion of softer lighting elements. 

Softer, indirect lighting is used throughout the different spaces and incorporated in ways to add to the overall mood of the interior. The lighting also highlights each individual space and creating a play on shadow and light on the brick wall. This softer ambiance helps create the cozy ambiance while complementing the more modern interior design of this condominium.