Subtle yet stylish Setia Eco Park abode by Nu Infinity

POSTED 5 years ago

Semi-detached house interior design in Setia Eco Park by Nu Infinity.

When most of us reach our retirement age, we dream of being able to retreat from our previously hectic schedules and escape to a place where we can enjoy our retirement in the comfort of our families and friends. We hope our savings and hard work over the years would by then afford us a warm and cozy home where in a few years we may in time hear the pitter patter of small feet running around the house yet again.

For this retirement retreat, the owners felt just owning a home surrounded by more laid-back surroundings was simply inadequate. They wanted to transform their semi-detached house in Setia Eco Park located at Shah Alam, Malaysia into a not just a place that can be enjoyed but one that also incorporates lovingly styled spaces for the family to enjoy. To help realise their dream, Nu Infinity was brought in to help envision and bring to life the spaces with a subtle stylishness.

In order to create the desired look and feel, dark wood tones was selected to provide a more practical element of design. While built-ins are integrated into the different spaces of the home to ensure adequate storage spaces for keepsakes and memorabilia collected over a lifetime. With the darker wood tones used to create the more classy and elegant feeling to the different areas, the overall spaces are still kept surprisingly light. With brighter colours used, this complements and helps highlight further the contrasting wooden finishes and furniture.

Light coloured curtains and white floor to ceiling window sheers are also used to lend a more dramatic feeling of softness. Complementing the overall design of the spaces, this feature is used to add a touch of privacy while still ensuring sufficient sunlight is allowed into the home. This overall theme of dark wood tones, white spaces and plush curtains is then carried through to the bedrooms but this time to create a more cozy space.

In the master bedroom, the bedhead and built-ins are all designed using dark wood tones. Reflective strips and plush cushions are incorporated into the bedhead design creating a modern yet softer feel that suits the space. A built-in dressing table created from the same material not only adds to the functionality of space but doubles as a partition giving the sleeping space more privacy while allowing the large master bedroom space to be compartmentalized somewhat. 

While the overall design of the interior design of this semi-detached house may not lean to the over dramatic, the spaces have been carefully and beautifully thought through. After all when one enjoys retirement, we want spaces that are easier to maintain while still being able to enjoy a more modern design approach and in this Setia Eco Park home, the design has brought together the different elements in a modern yet subtle style.