Unique 'screen' by Materium creates a defining design element

POSTED 4 years ago

Semi-detached screen house in Singapore by Materium.

This semi-detached house in Singapore by Materium takes on a modern and more contemporary design approach with a more open design incorporated as its core design element. However, this creates a unique concern on privacy with the side profile of the house incorporating extensive floor to ceiling glass sliding doors and panels. With the requisites for daylight and ventilation to be incorporated, a more innovative approach was required to achieve this.

In order to achieve this, the side profile incorporated a simple, effective yet undeniably stylish design element. A screen wall made from vent blocks was added to the side profile design of the home. The design while appearing as a solid wall from the exterior however allows for the interior spaces to be opened up to allow greater ventilation while sunlight streams into the home perpetually and creates an interplay of shadow and light within the home.

Within, the interior takes on a more open designed with its high ceilings and walkways incorporated to give the interior a larger sense of space. The living, dining and kitchen spaces are laid out in a single open plan with each space created to allow views of the side garden. Classy marble flooring adds a touch of glass to the overall space while a grey concrete feature wall lines the party wall shared with the neighbouring house.

On the upper floors, timber flooring and finishes play a more dominant design role. The spaces created while benefiting from the space created receives a touch of softness through the use of timber. The family hall on the upper floor exudes a beautiful sense of space and calmness and provides a intermediary space between the living areas and the more private spaces of the bedrooms. A timber-styled Haiku ceiling fan extends down from the double volume ceiling above and complements this overall theme. All things considered, the design of this home has beautifully executed a perfectly balanced play on openness and privacy.

Photography by Edward Hendricks & Fabian Ong.