Single storey terrace house transformed by Nota Design International

POSTED 4 years ago

Single storey terrace house in Singapore rejuvenated by Nota Design International.

Single storey houses are often considered less desirable in comparison with double storey terrace and even apartments and condominiums. More often than not, this preference is the result of space perception and taking into consideration that most of these houses are old and dated the prospect of undertaking a major renovation is daunting for most.

For this half a century old single storey house with an attic in Singapore, the owners goal was to rejuvenate the house and create a home for their small family. Keeping in mind a limited budget, Nota Design International was brought in to create spaces with a symbiosis of Art and Design while taking on a more sustainable approach. The front and rear walls of the living area were demolished and replaced with full-height pivot panels created with timber frames and clear glass. Adding to the overall perception of space, this simple design element allows the home to be both opened up or closed off according to its use at the time.

The original flat ceiling was also removed to expose the ceiling space void. This too helps add to the feeling of spaciousness within the home while also aiding to reduce the temperature of the living spaces below by allowing the hot evening air to rise into the void. To further add to the overall feeling of space a L-shaped patio was built in the front of the house creating an enclosed yet open outdoor space that further complements the new spaciousness of the interior.

The bedrooms were retained with enhancements to create more livable and open spaces whereas the kitchen, bathrooms and attic spaces maintained their original positioning with work focusing more on the aesthetics of these spaces. Despite its open feel, this single storey house has beautifully showcased the opportunity to transforming an older and less preferred house into a space that showcases a more spatially open design while still retaining its functionality for modern small families.