Scandinavian styled interior by Fertility Design creates a home both warm and comforting

POSTED 4 years ago

Cozy Nordic / Scandinavian styled apartment interior design by Fertility Design.

A home is a space both warm and comforting but when its spaces are properly designed, it provides unbounded joy to be in. For this beautifully renovated home in Taiwan by Fertility Design, the aim of creating spaces in this apartment is founded on the basis of creating cozy and comforting spaces. Inspired by Nordic and Scandinavian interior design elements, the interior features comfortable furnishings matched beautifully with timber finishes.

Timber elements is used throughout the home from the sleek flooring, to wooden paneling on the walls and even a vintage style European wood tile used as the feature wall in the living area. The use of these timber elements creates an interior that feels more casual and laid back while lending the interior with a softer ambiance. Built-in cabinets, countertop of the kitchen island and dining tabletop also make use of wooden finishes to complement the overall interior.

But it's not just the wooden finishes that gives this home its desired look. Furnishing and lighting play equally important roles in achieving the desired ambiance. Cozy light coloured furnishings are used to complement each individual space from the living area to even the bedrooms. Combined with the soft lighting used in the different spaces with downlights highlighting specific spaces and features in the home. The result is a cozy yet warm interior ambiance that creates perfect spaces to relax and enjoy the day.

One interesting space created in this home, that we feel should be highlighted, is the cozy reading room. It's more open design gives the impression that this space is a part of the living area but with the aluminium framed glass panels and door, this nook can be easily opened up or closed off to create a retreat within the home. Custom designed bookshelves line against a wall giving the space a more private library feel. With each space designed specifically to enhance the feeling of warmth and comfort, the interior design style of this apartment has beautifully created a home to be envious of.