Modern vintage elegance by Dutch Studio

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern vintage interior design style for a Jade Hills semi-detached house by Dutch Studio.

Mixing the old and new to create a style that is different is not something new. But creating a home interior that mixes the best of old and new elements to create an interior that is unique yet stylish is not as easily done. Various different factors need to be first considered and being able to define how much is considered "too much" can be as much an influence that affects the final design and mood created.

This semi-detached house located in the untouched landscape of the Jade Hills development in Kajang, Malaysia takes a mix of classy modern designs and mixes it with vintage style and sensibilities to create a home with a beautiful modern vintage style. Designed by Dutch Studio, the interior design of this home exudes its modern vintage feel from the moment you step through the entrance. A vintage inspired wooden deer antler chandelier hangs from the ceiling while a classic styled cabinet complete with a vintage radio completes the look that welcomes guests.

The living area, dining and kitchen a more modern tone with vintage styled elements carefully positioned to create the desired modern vintage feel. In the living area, a paneled feature wall is designed and finished with LamitaK laminates to create the sleek cement look to its paneled design. Vintage and more classic styled furniture from the tv cabinet, coffee table and even single seater chairs help enhance this style and wrap it a space that still exudes a feeling of being delicately modern. The dining and dry kitchen follows through with the design approach but here a brick styled wall tiles by Apitex in a variety of grey tones creates the focus point. More subtle furniture and decor are used to create and add to the unique design style, creating a space that beautifully captures the essence of a modern vintage style.

The bedrooms on the other hand take on a more modern skewed design. Equally subtle elements are used in this spaces to ensure the continuity of the overall theme from the Lightcraft bedside table lamps and a cozy single seater armchair in the master bedroom to the vintage timber wallpaper design combined with raw timber styled photo frames in another bedroom creates warm and cozy spaces that still manages to beautifully create this classy interior design style. 

Photography by C Two Studio