Interplay of space designed by inT DESIGN FURNITURE result in a stunning apartment

POSTED 4 years ago

Double Cove apartment transformed by inT DESIGN FURNITURE into a simplistic yet modern home.
Living in the densely populated Hong Kong where every additional sq/ft of space comes at a premium, making full use of your available space has become an art form cultivated by experience. For this apartment located in Double Cove within the Ma On Shan district, its spaces available has been beautifully and purposefully transformed by inT DESIGN FURNITURE to showcase the owners personal tastes.
With an overall sense of simplistic beauty infused with modern elements etched into its overall design approach, the interior of this apartment plays on a white, black and grey colour palette to do this. In the living area, the key focus is on the tv wall panel design that doubles up as a focus point to draw ones attention, while the floating white panel extending to the ceiling adds a lovely ambient touch with its soft lighting. Combined with simple yet classy elements such as the suspended floor lamp by Marc Sadler and side tables by Kartell, the living area successfully achieves a stylish yet comfortable look.
To achieve the overall space design, a room had to first be demolished and its original border replaced with a bar counter positioned directly behind the sofa. The opening of space creates an additional area, one envisioned by the owners as a tranquil retreat within the confines of home. To create a space to relax and unwind in, a custom daybed was incorporated into the space by the window. With its predominantly white space and oak wood flooring the colour tone helps achieve a soft mood here, a space almost devoid of unwanted distractions. Equipped with its own built-in wine cabinet, this space is the perfect nook to unwind after a long day.
With an essence of tranquility infused into the overall simplistic yet modern interior design style, it then comes as no surprise to see it used to redesign the master bedroom. It's simple yet modern design created to transform this bedroom look extremely appealing. With the platform bed and built-ins designed in colour tones closely resembling pearl white matched with an angled headboard combined with geometric wallcovering, this design approach adds an interesting yet subtle modern cue to an overall cozy modern bedroom. Much like its overall design, this Hong Kong apartment has beautifully combined simplistic beauty married to modern elements to create a home that leaves a lasting impression.