Raven Street House by James Russell Architect

POSTED 4 years ago

Raven Street House by James Russell Architect.

Raven Street House is a redesign and extension of a traditional workers cottage in the inner Brisbane suburb of West End designed by James Russell Architect. Its design is protective of the owner’s young family and collected artwork but creates a greater sense of openness of the space around the home. The extension plays with timber finishes reworked into its darker original Victorian design.

Doubling both as a gallery and residence, cottage opens to the street as gallery and workspace while the new extension is redesigned to accommodate space for the family. With the frame of the extension and flooring made of ironbark and compact laminates, this helps create verandahs around the key areas of this home. Coloured and textured glass reminiscent of traditional housing in the area lines the east and west facades giving the home a more unique look and feel.

Sunlight at dawn and dusk make the walls glow with an interplay of colour while filtering views and allowing for more air movement within. The ironbark flooring used on the floor above creates a distinct look for the ceiling below. Slatted edges allow rain and water from bathing to fall through. Awnings protect the sleepout from south-western storms and winter winds. 

Photography by Toby Scott