Bipod table by Dai Sugasawa

POSTED 5 years ago

Bipod table leg by Industry+, designed by Dai Sugasawa.

There are many inspiring table designs but the Bipod table leg by Industry+, designed by Dai Sugasawa, pushes the design envelope with its detailed simplicity and enhanced utility all beautifully packaged in a style reminiscent of military grade equipment. To achieve this design and create the desired style, the assistance of military equipment specialists were employed to create a unique foldable table leg system designed in a lovely modern industrial design. Beyond just looking cool, this foldable table leg system can work with a variety of tabletops from simple tempered glass sheets to wooden tops providing versatility to fit a variety of space designs. 

Manufactured with 99 per cent aluminum, all the parts used are fully machined to create not only it flawless look but also contributing to the overall lightweight and compact design. With the Bipod's long, elegant profile combined with industrial detailing and carefully planned exposed parts, the result is a design that exudes a sleek modern industrial design. Weighing approximately 10kg, the Bipod is designed to be easily carried and is fully foldable and allow it to be used anywhere, and at any time.