Bringing the resort home to Aman Sari by Surface R

POSTED 4 years ago

Aman Sari semi-detached house in Puchong, Malaysia designed in a modern holiday resort style by Surface R.

Going away for a holiday brings much needed time away from the daily grind and gives us time to recharge. For a semi-detached house at Aman Sari in Puchong, Malaysia; the owners no longer have to travel just to enjoy a resort styled ambiance. This house has been beautifully restyled and renovated to recreate the calming feel of a modern holiday resort, all within the comfort of home.

The ground floor of this semi-detached house was carefully envisioned by the team at Surface R. From the entrance with its stone wall finish and paneled plaster ceiling leading to the entryway, there is a distinct rawness that first builds the impression of a more resort styled feel to the home. To further enhance and create a more calming feel within, timber laminate finishes are used extensively throughout the home. Combined with the selection brown colours used for the ceiling finishing, furniture and soft furnishings used, the interior creates spaces which not only look good but also help the different spaces exude a more calming ambiance.

The decorative TV wall panel in the living area follows through with the overall design theme but adds a more modern feel to the space. This design style is also applied to the dining area but here a decorative mirror panel together with a unique pendant lighting creates a more distinctly modern feel. With the selection of soft brown material of the dining chairs with the more classy design of the dining table, this creates a subtle modernity perfectly incorporated into its overall style.

On the upper floors with its more private family area and bedrooms, the interior design here is skewed to take on a more modern approach. Colours used play an equally important role in creating the right ambiance for the different spaces. Similar brown tones are used it the majority of the bedrooms with the exception of one with a more green theme. Even with its differing colours, the goal of each bedroom is to create a cozy and comfortable space. a private space that one can retreat to for a peaceful nights sleep. With the combination of design elements and styles, this Aman Sari semi-detached house has beautifully created spaces that is both stylish and relaxing; a holiday retreat within the confines of home.  




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