Fabian Tan Architect transforms Kuala Lumpur terrace house into a modern minimalist home

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern minimalist Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia terrace house by Fabian Tan Architect.

Thinking outside the box is generally easier said than done and this remains true when it comes to renovations. Finding design ideas for your home is easy but it requires finesse and experience to be able to realise more extraordinary home renovations. Today we have one perfect example by Fabian Tan Architect; a basic double storey terrace house immaculately transformed.

Beginning with a design typical to Malaysia, this terrace house in Kuala Lumpur has undergone extensive redesign and renovation. With its 23 foot width and a length that extends 85 feet, the size of this house may be marginally larger than the average terrace house but its redesigned interior provides the perception of a much larger space than one would expect.

To achieve its more modern minimalist interior design approach, the layout of the house was first reversed. Bedrooms are now situated on the ground floor whereas the common living spaces were moved to the upper floor. This reversal of space now allows the structural design of the interior to be transformed into a more open space allowing an integration of spaces between the more private and social spaces while adding to the overall perception of space, depth and light.

However privacy of the bedrooms still remains paramount. Large sliding doors are used to create shifts between privacy and openness when needed allowing the bedrooms to be transformed into more open spaces. A minimalist styled courtyard with a tree planted creates a focal point on the ground floor while helping to visually connect the different bedroom spaces into one single and delightfully minimalist space. A large door at the end of the main corridor is also designed to open to a private garden at the rear of this home.

This culmination of visual and spatial transitions combined with its clean modern minimalist style has brought to realization a home that is truly unique.

Photography by: Eiffel Chong