Taiwanese apartment by AYA Living uses a beautiful mix of wood, metal and concrete

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern industrial apartment interior design by AYA Living Group

Located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is this apartment presenting a fascinating mix of timber, metal and concrete creating a sleek modern industrial styled interior design. Designed by Kevin Young from AYA Living Group, this apartment was redesigned and renovated to create a home interior that is cozy and comfortable. Packaged in a modern industrial interior design, the apartment is also planned to serve another more functional purpose, entertaining guests.

This specific interior design theme was decided on due to the proximity of the home with one of the city's largest parks, creating a feel more akin to the rawness of nature with a greater emphasis on timber finishes. With the open plan layout for the main areas designed to create a central gathering space, a tapestry of wood, raw metal, hand-crafted concrete wall finishes and wooden floors adorn these spaces creating a look that presents a stylish modern industrial interior.

To further extend the functionality of space, a custom designed dining table is designed at a bar table height and incorporated into the space. This slightly more uncommon table design is neatly integrated with the kitchen island creating a flow and expanding its space utility.

Even the bedrooms are designed with a more modern industrial feel while taking on a more delicate feel. This more delicate application of the overall interior design theme of the apartment helps create spaces that not only flow in a design standpoint from the main areas but also helps create a more subdued and cozy ambiance. One which is just perfect for a more laid back and private space away from the openness of the primary areas of this stylish modern industrial apartment.