Young modernist condominium interior design by Nu Infinity

POSTED 5 years ago

SeTerra condominium by Nu Infinity designed in a classy young modernist approach.

Located off the urban Bandar Utama residential area in Selangor, Malaysia is the hidden low-rise and stylish SeTerra condominium. Designed with exclusive features such as private lift lobbies and complementing landscaping to heighten the visual and ambient appeal, it's no wonder that the owners of this condominium desired an interior which was unlike the conventional interior design styles. With their sights set on creating a home that appeals to this desire, the team from Nu Infinity was brought on board to help turn their vision into reality.

In order to create a home that exudes a young modernist feel, the interior design of this home extensively uses timber finishes to create a look of subtle classiness. The timber laminate used in the living area, creates a focus on space while the finish itself lends to the overall design and ambiance of the space. Combined with lovely solid timber furniture and modern contemporary lighting for the dining area, the interior design of the condominium immediately takes on a more unique and modern look.

To create contrast and give the overall space a sleeker look, the kitchen was designed with a pure and clean white look. Kitchen cabinets finished in gloss white are contrasted with a black backsplash to give the space a young modernist feel. Eames armchairs in white add an interesting dash of colour with the selection of timber finishes for its legs. To complete its overall more modern feel and create continuity of design, a beautiful cement rendered wall adds another facet to the interior design.

Leading to the bedroom, the cement rendered wall finish extends into the room and sets the overall design approach. Combined with even more beautiful timber elements matched with a classy timber strip wall framed by lovely black finishing, the bedroom feels not just classy but invokes a sense of relaxation. But it's not the classy bedroom interior that caught our eye the most! An unconventional glass wall surrounds the attached bathroom and while its design is created to infuse a larger sense of space, the bathroom design is definitely not for the shy. Ahem.... ;)

With the lovely use of timber elements matched with more modern approaches in interior design, this condominium definitely exudes a feel of exclusivity. Combined with the finer touches and fascinating elements, the interior design achieved with this condominium really embodies an interesting approach for a young modernist look.