Clean lines inspires this Asian minimalist interior design by Nu Infinity

POSTED 5 years ago

A'Marine condominium interior design by Nu Infinity.

We've all seen the many minimalist styled home designs that are readily available through Google, but living in Asia this design style can be too cold and unassuming for our local tastes. It is even more so considering the vast natural finishes such as timber, slate together with the many other materials readily available in the region have always been an integral part of Asian home designs.

When 'putting pen to paper' in envisioning the interior design for this home in the resort-styled A'Marine condominium located at Bandar Sunway in Malaysia, the team at Nu Infinity drew inspiration from Taiwanese design trends and infused it with their own sense of style to create this sleek and modern Asian minimalist home interior. Maintaining simplicity and clean lines throughout, the design of this condominium unit takes on a very defined yet uncluttered feel.

Lovely timber elements are cleverly infused into the overall design and complement the timber flooring. Wall cabinets and inserts on the plaster ceiling help unify the overall look and feel while adequate storage space is also incorporated into the design without compromising the overall aesthetics. Floor to ceiling height mirrors incorporated into the dining space also add to the overall ambiance while helping to further create a sense of space, making the space within look a great deal larger and further creating a defining feature for this lovely home.

In a play of contrast, the kitchen diverts away almost completely from the overall design while still maintaining true to the Asian minimalist theme. White kitchen cabinets designed with a completing gloss black back-splash gives the kitchen a distinct and modern look. Combined with the slate tiles utilized for the flooring and the pure white walls, the kitchen beautifully sets itself apart from the light wood tone of the other spaces but comes together seamlessly to create a home interior that exudes timelessness.