Chic minimalism in a HDB apartment by Icon Interior Design

POSTED 5 years ago

Chic minimalist Punggol Walk HDB apartment by Icon Interior Design

One of the toughest design choices any of us can make is for a more minimalist theme in our homes. But it doesn't sound that hard right, after all its just "less is more"? That is an absolutely wrong impression of this particular interior design theme. It's not easy to judge what design elements work and how to best reduce the overall clutter in design, especially to the untrained eye.

Which made us quite pleasantly surprised when we came across this lovely project by Icon Interior Design located within the Punggol Walk HDB apartment block in Singapore. Set against a chic minimalist interior design is a lovely apartment space that blends a minimalist approach with a more contemporary cafe styled feel. To keep things looking neat and modern, a black, grey and white colour palette is used throughout the common spaces and integrates these different areas into a seamless space.

The living room is especially a lovely sight to behold. A cozy sofa is placed facing a wall-mounted TV complemented with a low cabinet to add to the overall design of the space. But one really simple feature which we felt did wonders for the space is a beautifully planned wall mounted with a multitude of photo frames of different sizes and orientation. Its adds a more personal feel to the living area without compromising on the more minimalist feel of the space. It's a really simple but an integral part of creating the desired effect.

Another area that we particularly were fascinated with was the cafe inspired dining area and entrance to the kitchen. A faux white brick wall framed in black outlines and completed with a chalkboard space creates a lovely contemporary minimalist effect and helping merge the difference in design between this space and the living area beyond. The use of this cafe styled design adds a different dimension to the overall space ensuring that each area is unique in its own right while still adequately meeting the needs of the owners.