Contemporary Denai Alam home by Yong Studio

POSTED 5 years ago

Contemporary Denai Alam terrace house interior design by Yong Design.

When your home comes from the developer already designed with interesting space design incorporated into the overall plan, the challenge then comes in creating spaces that add to and further enhance these existing elements. Often easier said than done, working around specific conditions sets parameters which then needs to be carefully considered even before the start of the renovation.

For terrace houses in Denai Alam located at Shah Alam, Malaysia; they come with a fascinating layout incorporating an indoor courtyard sheltered under a clear skylight. For the team at Yong Studio (formerly Yong Design), this presented an opportunity to assist the owner in creating a home that is designed to the nines. Taking on a contemporary interior design approach and capitalizing on the available space to create a home that looks truly unique.

From the clean space design in the living area, the interior of the home takes on a lovely design. Leveraging on bright white in the living combined with a plush grey sofa, the space creates a feeling of relaxed comfort. But walk through the bi-fold doors into the indoor courtyard showcases a beautiful transformation of design. A classy timber floor is the very first thing that captures the eye. With sunlight streaming down from the skylight above, this space is transformed into a bright and airy open space that gracefully splits the living area from the dining and kitchen at the back.

In order to create utility in this spatial break, the design incorporates a timber bar counter. While adding a usage to the space, the design also helps to beautifully create a break one's line-of-sight to a beautiful contemporary styled dining area. The dining itself maintains a simplistic design, leveraging on furniture selection, decor and lighting to create a space that fits in just right with the overall design.

Walking past the dining area and through a pair of sliding glass doors, reveals the kitchen which is equally beautifully designed. White kitchen cabinets complemented with white subway tiles dominate the design of this space. A modern black refrigerator sits snugly within its space and creates a lovely play on contrast, adding more dimension to the look and feel of the kitchen. An island with a lovely white counter top creates more usable space, while its timber laminate insert combined with the red brick wall adds a splash of colour to the kitchen. The combination of designs and elements used in this home has really created beautiful spaces that has given rise to the modern and contemporary feel of this lovely terrace house.