Avant-garde Cheras Idaman home designed by X TWO Concept

POSTED 4 years ago

Cheras Idaman semi-detached house interior design by X TWO Concept

A sense of style is something truly unique to each individual, it is what defines our personality and even our approach in life. More often than not, each of us also tries to infuse our individual sense of style into the decor and interior design of our homes. While most of us decorate our homes as closely as we can to our preferred styles; the fortunate few are able to push the boundaries of their chosen styles and create homes that look delightfully unique.

Designed by X TWO Concept, this Cheras Idaman semi-detached house located in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur is designed with a modern contemporary style. But what makes this house really stand out is the avant-garde decor positioned strategically through the different spaces. The different decor pieces used from stylish ceiling lighting in the living area, the silver mannequin floor lamp by the staircase and even a fascinating chandelier hanging over the dining area.

Each of the unique decor pieces used transforms the space and complements the overall interior design. On the upper floors, the design approach takes on a more subtle approach. Faux stone walls complements and adds an additional dimension to the overall design in the common family areas, created with the purpose of bring to life comfortable spaces which still exude a distinct sense of class. With the unique decor and elements used to enhance and further define the spaces within, this home beautifully combines lovely interior design and contemporary avant garde home decor.