The Periwinkle House by Nu Infinity

POSTED 5 years ago

Periwinkle House at Bandar Rimbayu by Nu Infinity
Most homeowners are limited by budgets when designing and renovating their homes. More often than not a designers true skill and imagination are hardly put to the test when designing and creating these houses according to the specific needs and wants of their clients. After all, it defeats the purpose of hiring an interior design firm to create a home that is "uniquely yours" without effectively managing your allocated budget.
But it is often when working with developers to envision and create the interiors of show units that will mesmerize and entice potential purchasers of the houses available in that development do you truly see this creative spark brought to life. Which brings us to the fascinating interiors of this 'Periwinkle House' envisioned and designed by the team at Nu Infinity for a Bandar Rimbayu semi-detached house show unit by IJM Land.  
Designed in a contemporary style which features slight industrial undertones. The interior of this house was skewed to ensure that while spaces created were appealing in both planning and aesthetics, the homey feeling desired was not diminished. Even so, fascinating elements were infused in the overall design to create a look and feel that pushes to the fore the more contemporary styling used.
The first thing that would most likely catch your eye is the fascinating blue wires which run across the ceiling and down selected walls. This specific design feature creates a sense of movement through the different spaces within and creates the impression that while each space stands apart they are intricately woven together to create a sense of spatial flow by visually connecting the different lighting used.
Walking into the courtyard seemingly transports you into a totally different space altogether. Quirky hexagon shapes fills the wall and creates a unique yet extraordinary experience. To ensure continued fluidity of design, the hexagon design element flows into the home office space on the ground floor but this time applied not just as pure design features but created to work as functional shelving units.
This fascinating play on design extends even to the bedroom spaces, albeit in more muted forms and shapes. The overall experience of moving through the different spaces of this show unit is definitely one that has beautifully showcased the diversity and flair for design of the team.