Serene Kiara home with the perfect blend of elements by Nu Infinity

POSTED 5 years ago

Serene Kiara semi-detached house interior design by Nu InfinityIn most homes, the designs we create in our own personal spaces are not inspired by just a single design style. It is normal to mix different design styles to create a home that is unique to your own personality. It is what defines each of us as individuals, unique from the others around us.

It is this exact feeling that helped create this lovely home which mixes an overall modern contemporary theme with just a hint of modern English elements. This semi-detached house located in the low density Serene Kiara enclave in the upmarket Mont Kiara area of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia utilizes a balanced mix of timber elements with more modern elements.

Designed and built by Nu Infinity, this home maximizes the available space by creating individual areas that carry through on the overall design of the home. Each space is created with the intention of creating spaces both functional yet unique. The open space plan in the living, dining and kitchen of this lovely home is the perfect example. By defining spaces with a timber laminate feature wall together with a stylish coffee table and carpet, these elements differentiate the space from the dining which is situated right next to the living area.

The dining on the other hand creates a focus with its lovely pendant lighting and solid timber dining table and chairs. But these things do not work in isolation, one key design that further defines the different spaces is the plaster ceiling. Its sunken design combined with the black gloss framed design feature enhances the individuality of each space even more. The thought behind this can be seen throughout the different areas where each space has its own unique and defining feature, drawing in ones focus as they enjoy the ambiance of this lovely home.