A life less ordinary in the lovely OKR House by Yong Studio

POSTED 5 years ago

Modern interior design for the OKR terrace house by Yong Design

Our individual homes are each our very own personal sanctuary. It is a reflection of not only who we are but also our personal taste and style. To help transform this house into a home that reflects their personalities and taste, the owners of this home engaged Yong Studio (formerly Yong Design) to transform and give life to their very own sanctuary.

What began as your average run-of-the-mill single storey terrace house in the Old Klang Road area of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia underwent a major transformation into the more modern contemporary home it is today. With its extensive changes, the redesign of the house was not restricted to its original design, giving more flexibility in the planning of space. With the bedrooms moved to the upper floor, the ground floor now sports an open plan where the living and dining spaces set just next to each other but with each having ample space.

The kitchen on the other hand is designed to feel more open and connected with the dining area as well. Aluminium framed glass doors are used to ensure that there is always clear view the living area to the front. A back entrance with an interesting wire mesh door is incorporated to the rear of the kitchen. The door used not only allows sunlight and ventilation into the home but also serves as a security feature, allowing the feeling of more open space without the worry of home security. A fascinating red brick wall designed side-by-side with a chalkboard wall really makes the overall kitchen design jump out at you; in a good way.

But it is the master bedroom and its attached bathroom which really stand out the most. The master bedroom itself is a space designed with simplicity in mind. Solid timber flooring complements the light timber finish of the bed frame and incorporated side tables. It is the master bathroom that really amazes! The large open space of the bathroom incorporates a modern contemporary feel with dark grey tiles on the walls and laminated flooring to match. But it is the skylight that really makes the space stand out. With more sunlight streaming into the bathroom and the plants positioned behind the sunken bathtub, the bathroom looks bright and airy. And much like the other areas of this home it brings to life a space that is a little less ordinary and one which you definitely wouldn't mind hanging out in.