Contemporary Sunway SPK terrace house by Yong Studio

POSTED 5 years ago

Terrace house living area in contemporary interior design

There are many different things to consider when deciding on an interior design style for the home and often it is not easy to combine the different elements and styles. But looking at this project in Sunway SPK, the  team at Yong Studio (formerly Yong Design) has merged elements from different styles into a single seamless look.

The interior of this terrace house has been transformed into a space that is both elegant and contemporary. The raw red brick feature wall in the living area looks beautifully placed among the more clean and stylish dining and kitchen. An important feature in tying together the different elements together is the choice of lighting used. A rail spotlight highlights the red brick wall while pendant lighting hang over the dining and bar counter in the kitchen.

While the spotlight helps bright out the personality of the brick feature wall, the simpler design of the pendant lights at the bar counter melt seamlessly into the overall design of the kitchen. But it is the pendant lights hanging over the dining area that really highlights the importance of selecting the right light fixtures are. It is the simple and unassuming design complemented with the use of Edison styled light bulbs that really make this feature and the dining area stand out.

The choice and use of lighting continue to play an important part in the other areas of the home. In each and every space, there is a lighting piece used inline with the overall interior design of the space. These light fixtures mostly complement the design of the space while some serve a purpose beyond pure aesthetics. As an overall home concept, the design has created a home that is unique and yet present it in an interesting look of subdued sophistication.