Welcoming 16 Sierra interior design by Nu Infinity

POSTED 5 years ago


16 Sierra terrace house modern living area design

When renovating a house, often the desired goal is to create a home which has both a relaxed environment to kick back as well as one that is welcoming for guests. Tasked with the renovation of this 16 Sierra terrace house located in Puchong, Malaysia; the team from Nu Infinity successfully created an interior design that encompasses these two ideals.

Beginning from the entrance into the home, a warm yet soft timber laminate finish greets you and extends throughout the various elements used and spaces within. This unifying design element helps create a feeling of warmth and helps set the stage to really transform the different areas of the home in distinct yet complementary ways. With the timber laminate selected used for the TV wall panel, shoe cabinets and even the kitchen cabinets, this is then matched with more intricate features.

The choice and placement of lighting especially for the dining area and in the master bedroom play a very important role in setting the personality of these spaces. With its more modern design, the pendant lighting used at the dining area further enhances the design of this space and adds a more modern feature to the overall space. Extending its influence further on to the dry kitchen, this space was deliberately kept simple with its timber laminate combined with a gloss black backsplash. Extending beyond the counter area, the gloss black backsplash stretches across the kitchen and adds just enough contrast to create a more stylish ambiance.

Culminating in the master bedroom, the different elements used throughout the home come together to create a space that not only looks stunning but also feels completely cozy. From the timber laminate to the black gloss finishes, these elements are also incorporated into the bedrooms interior design. Adding to the painted textured feature wall and the custom designed bedhead, the master bedroom is a space that just oozes style. 

Overall, the interior design achieves to create spaces that are not just the perfect place to kick back but also one that is beautifully suited for entertaining guests. The combination of finishes and design elements have worked extremely well considering that one key element was used in almost all areas of the home. The integration of supporting and contrasting materials have helped break the potential monotony, the result; a home both stylish and welcoming.