Evoking the elements of nature in this Tanjung Heights home by Zeng Interior Design Space

POSTED 5 years ago

Tanjung Heights Condominium interior design makeover by Zeng Interior Design Space.

With condominiums homes getting more common especially in urban areas, more and more creative interior designs are coming to the fore and showing that living in a high-rise residence need not be boring. The home featured here is a perfect example of the possibilities of redesigning and creating an interesting high-rise home.

Located at the Tanjung Heights Condominium in Butterworth and a short drive away from the iconic Penang bridge in Malaysia, this condominium units interior design was envisioned and created by Zeng Interior Design Space (ZIDS) to create a home that is both modern and cozy. Using designs that closely resembles elements found in nature.

The first thing that catches the eye is the TV console, finished with lovely artificial grass this helps set the overall tone of the design. Interesting Korean vinyl tiles in an 'Elemental Concrete' design cover the floor, giving it an almost marble like look. The combination of these materials gives these common areas a lovely earthy feel. The finished interior design of this condominium home brings to life a stylish yet cozy home environment that beautifully complements the views from the indoors.

Photos by Zeng Interior Design Space.