Simplicity reigns in the JC House by Yong Studio

POSTED 6 years ago

Lovely JC House by Yong Design

Two things often faced by anyone undertaking their own home renovation is usually a limited budget and limited time for the completion of the renovation works. These two factors were the same factors faced by Yong Studio (formerly Yong Design) with the renovation of the JC House in Sungai Buloh, Malaysia as the owners had a limited budget and were in a rush to get their home ready in time for their wedding.

Faced with an original interior that gave the interior of the home a small and narrow feel, a decision was made to tear down some walls to give the home a greater sense of openness. The new layout of the ground floor of this terrace house now sports a more open design and incorporates the living area and a small bar counter. By keeping the overall design simple, this space has been transformed into a more modern and delightful space.

The creation of spaces both delightful and modern extends even to the dining hall. Sporting a custom made dining table molded from an interesting black cement finish, the dining area is designed to balance between its elements of light and dark. A large feature wall acts as the backdrop for the dining area but whats more fascinating is the decor choices made. Using pebble rocks, a small section of the dining hall is designed as a small rock pathway and its even decorated with a small and lovely wooden windmill. 

The renovation and interior design of this double storey terrace house was done to maximize budgets and ensure that the most is achieved. At the same time the work planned and undertaken was carried out to ensure a timely delivery of this home.

Photos by Yong Studio.