Modern and stylish Lake Fields home by Nu Infinity

POSTED 6 years ago

Cozy and welcoming terrace house entrance by Nu Infinity

Located within the Lake Fields enclave in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is this stylish terrace house designed by Nu Infinity. Designed to create a modern contemporary interior feel, this terrace house was given some beautiful touches and elements. The different designs implemented help define the different spaces while at the same time create for each its own individual personality.

Beginning with the entrance, the space was extended and used to create a space that appeals aesthetically while providing a more functional purpose. Using cement rendered flooring and an exposed brick wall, this creates a very 'outdoor yet indoor' feel where visitors to this home can take off their shoes in comfort before stepping into the home.

The living area with its high double volume ceiling was given more aesthetic touches with its built-in cabinets and selection of furniture and soft furnishings. But it's when one walks to the dining and kitchen areas that the personality changes into one of stylish comfort. Using timber veneer finishing combined with large mirrors, the dining area is given a much larger yet stylish look. Taking the stylish theme into the kitchen as well with a lighter timber veneer with more visible wood grains helps maintain the flow between these spaces while still maintaining separate identities.

The overall design is one which gives this home a contemporary yet cozy modern interior. By creating and defining the different spaces within the home, the team at Nu Infinity have definitely really helped create a modern yet stylish home.

Photos by Nu Infinity.