Sleek and stylish apartment by Nu Infinity

POSTED 6 years ago

Sleek and stylish apartment interior design by Nu Infinity

Looking at the interior design of this apartment by Nu Infinity, two words come immediately to mind; sleek and stylish. Located in the up and coming suburb of Mutiara Damansara, this apartment was designed to reflect the buzz of its surrounding area and styled to create a home for contemporary urban living. 

From the onset, visitors to this home are greeted by a minimalist grey entry way before getting a full view of the living and dining. Given a sophisticated feel that is achieved using classy dark timber veneers for the ceiling and TV panel matched beautifully with dark brown carpets and curtains. A beautiful London themed wallpaper with its iconic red double decker bus adorns  a single wall and creates a delicate yet perfect mood for an urban home.

Selecting the right furniture has also contributed a great deal in achieving this homes sleek interior. The black sofa just melts in with the overall theme whereas in the dining focuses on a play between light and dark in its choice of table and chairs. The culmination of these different elements have resulted in this sleek yet stylish modern contemporary for an urban apartment home.

Photos by Nu Infinity.