Stylish home at The Peak by Yong Studio

POSTED 6 years ago

Beautiful dining area design and decor for a corner terrace house

Creating a stylish and contemporary themed interior design play with a variety of elements, from paint colours to decor selection. Yong Studio (formerly Yong Design) has created a beautiful example that encapsulates just this. Located at The Peak in Cheras, Malaysia; this corner terrace house was designed to create a balance between the utility of each space while taking into account the personality and individual sense of design of the family.

The spaces created are firmly mired in desire to create spaces that allow for a more comfortable living experience while carefully selected decor pieces are used to capture the personality of each space. The dining perfectly exemplifies this with its red brick feature wall and use of some rather interesting decor choices. The red brick wall serves not only as a decorative piece but also helps create an area for a small reading area.

Designed to create a comfortable space, the master bedroom uses soft white and pastel colour to give a sense of serenity. A lovely timber pull-out drawer cabinet matched with a quirky table lamp helps add to the overall personality of the room. The master bedroom is complemented by a spacious and stylish bathroom with some very nice touches. All these elements have come together beautifully, creating a home that is both stylish and contemporary.

Photos by Yong Studio.