Beautiful condominium using subtle timber highlights by Nu Infinity

POSTED 6 years ago

Amaya Saujana condominium interior design by Nu Infinity

We recently received another project submission from the team at Nu Infinity for a recently completed project at the Amaya Saujana condominium in Saujana Subang, Malaysia. Using some beautiful yet subtle elements this project shows how an interior can be created in a way both modern yet unconventional.

The use of wood veneers as a key highlight adds a distinct yet classy overall feel. The light timber shade with its fine grain makes this the perfect finish to give the interior a feel of continuous uninterrupted flow. Used to create highlights, this wood veneer is used on the ceiling of the corridor, to the stylish blend of wood and mirror finish for the built-in cabinet at the dining area and even the partition of the living area. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, these highlights more importantly help create spaces that combined both form and function.

One minor element that would have been easily overlooked is the choice of wall switches. Keeping in line with the overall theme, ZENcelo switches from Schneider Electric in a beautiful bronze finish was used. The slim and full flat design help to harmoniously blend the overall look and decor.

To breakaway from the overall design and create a distinct space, the kitchen is finished in stylish black and complemented by a white wall cabinet unit. Matte tiles adorn the walls and further distinguishes this space from the rest of the apartment. Even with its completely different approach, the kitchen just flows seamlessly with the rest of the home.