Modern Setia Walk apartment interior design by Nu Infinity

POSTED 6 years ago

Modern malaysian apartment interior design by Nu Infinity

Designing a home to look interesting is no easy task, more so when you want to achieve a look that is modern and will withstand the passing of time. Taking cues from the Bauhaus school of thought on interior design, this apartment was designed around strategically defined spaces.

Located in Puchong, Malaysia; the designers at Nu Infinity carefully crafted the various spaces and unified them with an overall white theme colour. Doing so helped created pockets of clearly defined design spaces while the overall white of the apartment eases the transition between the different spaces.

The living area with its contemporary partition and modular cabinet design provides function with form. The cabinets with its distinct mixture of white, timber and black finishes is a interesting play of contrasts that lends a feel of modernity.

The dining area and dry kitchen have however taken on a more softer and subtle theme. A single painted feature wall adorned by a white framed mirror sets the mood in these spaces and results in a more laid back ambiance while still connecting back with the overall white colour used for the interior.

The play of space through the use of well planned furniture and fixtures has helped create a unique yet fascinating home interior. An interior designed to bring a modern yet cozy ambiance, one that would be able to stand the test of time.

Pictures by Nu Infinity