Ingenious small apartment design by Denis Svirid

POSTED 6 years ago

Living in a small apartment does not mean you need to live in a space devoid of creativity and ingenuity. In fact, some of the most ingenious designs were born from the challenge of limitations and this small apartment by Denis Svirid is no exception.

The interior of this apartment in Odessa sports a duplex styled layout with the common areas located on the lower floor and the more private spaces on the upper floor. As you enter the apartment, the kitchen has been positioned against the common wall as shared by the sofa in the living area. In order to create a slightly more separated feel within the small space available a small peninsular is designed with the built-in cabinets.

To further enhance the division of space, the living area sports a feature wall with a beautiful canvas print. This helps give a soft transition feel to the different purpose of each area. With the unifying colour white used throughout the lower floor, the transition from space-to-space feels more seamless while also helping give these common areas a larger feel.

The upper levels is finished mostly with a light shaded timber that is used for the flooring, walls and even the roof. To optimize space, an open plan was used in this design. A platform bed area, replaces the conventional room with the bathroom placed at the far end. The layout used creates a sense of space and makes the bedroom and attached bathroom feel a great deal larger as well. Married with the choice of timber finish, the upper floor is a delight to the eyes and gives a more laid back feel. 

Just goes to show that it's not the amount of space you have but your creative ingenuity that plays the more important role in designing the home of your dreams. And if any doubts linger before you start renovating... hire an interior designer!