Intriguing Sri Hartamas terrace design by JTJ Design

POSTED 6 years ago

Modern contemporary terrace house exterior design

Everyone wants to have wide open spaces in their home, or at least the impression of space. But in dense urban surroundings, it is often difficult to have an open space design without compromising privacy. This was among the challenges taken on by JTJ Design for a 2-storey terrace home in Sri Hartamas, Malaysia. With neighbors in close proximity in every direction, careful design considerations had to be made to maintain privacy for the owners.

The interior of the home is largely designed to increase the perception of space. This is done by creating wide, minimal spaces of clean white surfaces and ample glass walls and windows. Privacy is maintained, however, through the use of blinds and strategically placing foliage to obfuscate all outward-facing walls. To further expand the open concept, even the roof is kept open with glass skylights letting natural light all the way through without false ceilings.

A contemporary black, white, and wood palette is used for all interior surfaces. Trim and furnishings are also kept minimal and clutter free, to ensure the best use and perception of space. To match the use of foliage outdoors, indoor plants are also used to accentuate the interior where appropriate. This includes indoor plants at the narrow air well, which creates a sense of the open outdoors even when you’re in the middle of the house. The upstairs landing area also has a balcony which opens over the air well, creating a private ‘outdoors’  loft space in complete privacy.