Aman Suria Terrace by Nu Infinity

POSTED 7 years ago

 Scandinavian styled terrace house interior design by Nu Infinity

Not long ago, we took a look at some stunning work by Nu Infinity in our Clearwater Residence review. Having done an amazing job in utilizing the limited space of a high-rise environment, the team were given more elbow-room with this project located in Aman Suria, Malaysia. The direction for this double-storey terrace project aimed to provide modern living spaces that offer the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design. In every space, we see a spartan yet welcoming theme of warm earth tones, coupled with wood, marble, and minimal accents.

Living room and landing

The living room offers instant impact with a brighter overall tone to contrast with the darker accents. With ample available space, the entrance first leads into a secondary space that houses shelves and storage. This keeps clutter out of the living room and maintains its clean and open ambiance. There is even no need to accommodate any awkward home entertainment shelving, as this has been built neatly and unobtrusively below the TV wall.

Kitchen and dining area

The kitchen and dining spaces offer greater utility by incorporating practical access to storage and appliances, while remaining aesthetically seamless with the rest of the home.

The bedroom

The bedroom, however, presents a considerably warmer ambiance compared with the rest of the home. Generous use of wood in its flooring and furnishings are combined with a warmer palette to create an ideal space to retreat to at the end of the day.

Despite having ample space to work with on this project, we like how the design resisted any temptation to ‘crowd’ this home. It stays true to simplicity and practicality, yet easily pleasing to the senses on first inspection. We’ll let these photos speak for themselves.