House M by EDI

POSTED 6 years ago

M House by EDI - Essential Design Integrated in Shah Alam

For quite a number of us when we first get the keys to our house, more often than not our home is just like any other house on the street. Uniform, predictable and ultimately just another house.

It is the personal touches that we apply to the home such as the colour of the walls, the gate design or even little design elements to the entrance of our homes that helps us differentiate our homes and identify more with our personality. The owner of this home did not like the homes original design and wanted a makeover for this bungalow home located in Jelutong, Shah Alam.

Adding A New Facade Dimension

Essential Design Integrated (EDI) was contracted to take on this job and they did one hell of a job. The home today looks particularly stunning with its full height timber screen structure at the front of the home along with timber strips incorporated into the facade of this home running along the side. Besides looking good, this screen provides additional privacy to the inner spaces of the home and its occupants.

Besides providing privacy, the timber screen also adds a new facade dimension to the overall look of the home resulting in a design that we find to not only look modern but timeless as well.

Chillout Verandah

The other area of this home that we’ve really taken a fancy to is definitely the verandah. Located just next to the living room and accessible through 2 large sliding doors, the verandah has got to designed for the times this home is open to guests.  Being right next to the living room definitely makes this space more functional, allowing guests to move freely between the indoors and outdoor sections of the home.

But besides being a great space to have for parties, the verandah has been designed in a way that makes it a great place to just chillout in the comfort of the home. It’s a nice spot to just have a sit in the evenings and enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea.

Overall, we definitely love the renovation design and work that has been carried out on this home. Unconventional, cool and fascinating are just some of the words that come to mind when we look through the pictures of this home and we definitely hope to see more beautifully renovated homes in Malaysia and across the region.

Image source: CreativeClicks