S11 House by ArchiCentre

POSTED 6 years ago

Stunning interior spaces created in the S11 House in Petaling Jaya by Archicentre.

There are many interesting examples of stunningly renovated homes in Malaysia as well as across the South East Asia region and the S11 House by ArchiCentre is one such example. Located in Seksyen 11, one of the older neighbourhoods of Petaling Jaya, the house was completely redesigned and renovated to create a home that not just looks modern and classy but one that is sustainable at the same time.

Sustainable Measures

In trying to achieve a home makeover which is sustainable, a decision was first made to keep all the existing trees within the home compound to provide shade for the home itself. While the trees provide natural shade, the S11 House has installed a 5 KW peak photovoltaic installation which is mounted unto the roof in order to generated electricity that is sold back into the national electric grid. Water heating is also solar powered hot water heaters that are also located on the large roof area.

To further drive sustainability this home has been built to collect rainwater from the roof drains which are then stored in a series of rainwater harvesting tanks. These tanks are aligned to promote sedimentation control and filteration with the water stored in the last tank used for all the toilet flushing, gardening and car washing requirements.

All these and more were done to promote sustainable living and also in order to achieve a Platinum rating of Malaysia’s Green Building Index (GBI) for the S11 House.

Of Red Bricks and Concrete

If you’ve gone through the pictures you would have noticed that red bricks and concrete finishes are the two main elements used quite consistently throughout the home. It’s quite interesting to see the unique effect of the red brick walls and smooth concrete have on the interior. Far from being gaudy, the interior of the S11 home coupled with its selection of stylish furniture, artwork and lighting creates spaces that look entirely unique while lending the feel of a more modern industrial space.

It’s nice to see that there are many interesting homes in Malaysia and that some are taking the path less traveled by incorporating sustainable features in the redesign of older homes. And it is for this specific reason that ArchiCentre was awarded by the Futuarc Green Leadership Award 2012 and The Edge My Dream Home 2011 (Gold – Green Home Award & Semi-Detached/Detached categories) just to name a few for the lovely work done with the S11 House.

While you check out ArchiCentre‘s website, don’t forget to check out more pictures of this beautiful S11 House down below.