Stunning Clearwater Residence ID by Nu Infinity

POSTED 7 years ago

Clearwater Residence condominium interior design by Nu Infinity

Today’s high-rise lifestyle is one that is the norm for many of us and with living in condominiums and even apartments we are faced with a challenge that is even more acute than it was during our parents time. Maximizing our available space in our homes and creating livable spaces for our families. This can be a daunting challenge as you’d have to be pretty creative and have an eye for detail in order for each of us to create our own perfect home.

The home featured here today, a duplex condominium unit in Clearwater Residence in Damansara Heights, Malaysia; designed and implemented by the team at Nu Infinity. What we really like about this entire home is the thought that has gone into not just the planning of space but also the selection of the colour palette as well as the selection of furniture and fittings. Everything just works, plus it looks fantastic!

Living Room

Design for the feature wall where the TV is placed is a very nice touch. Besides adding to aesthetics of the living room, it actually makes the TV area itself look a great deal larger and definitely more defined.

Kitchen & Dining

The design of the kitchen and dining leaves little else to be desired. The use of space has been well planned with more classy fittings and and design elements used resulting in a kitchen and dining area anyone would be proud of.


Elements in the bedroom continue from similar design elements used in other parts of the home. The bedroom design is one that promotes comfort and relaxation. The darker colours of the finishing used, the selection of soft furnishing used like the carpets, curtains and bedsheets all just work together hand-in-hand. Kinda makes the room look and feel like one of those from a 5-star hotel. Nice!

This is the sort of home most of us dream of coming back from work to; so we’ve included more pictures below for your viewing pleasure. Who knows, it may just light up your spark of creativity.