Sunway Damansara Home by Corner Three Concept Homes

POSTED 6 years ago

Stylish intermediate terrace house exterior design by Corner Three Concept Homes

Most home renovations start with a focus on internal areas of the home with some owners completely disregarding the facade. The facade is the face of the home and an important feature, one that should not be overlooked.

Located in the Sunway Damansara area of the Klang Valley, Malaysia; this home underwent a transformation from your basic run-of-the-mill terrace house into one that looks both modern and sophisticated. The team at Corner Three Concept Homes planned, designed and renovated this home with elements of sustainability and nature to complement the modern and sophisticated look desired. The end result is the beautiful home that you see featured here today.

The design elements we loved were the three rotatable timber planks that were incorporated into the upper facade and provide a definitive character to the overall facade of this home and departs from the norm. We also considered the choice of the unusual green colour glass for the balcony railing and the sliding door, may not be a common element used in homes but just fits in perfectly with the overall design of the home we see here.

The home also incorporates other interesting features as well such as a neat looking main gate and accompanying side door and even a rain water catchment system for gardening. Check out more pictures home this reinvigorated terrace home facade design below and share with us your thoughts!