House N18 by DRTAN LM Architect

POSTED 6 years ago

 N18 house in Sunway Damansara by DRTAN LM Architect.

House N18 is a bungalow project located in Sunway Damansara, Malaysia. Designed by DRTAN LM Architect, this project stands on the edge of a nature reserve behind it. As such, it enjoys close proximity to nature, and the owners have specifically requested for sustainable green elements to be included in the design. 

The building itself is built tall and wide, like a wall towering towards the rising slopes behind it. Bare concrete is seen as a prominent element, while a wooden facade surrounds it like a shield. 

From the main entrance, and stepping into the interior landing, we are greeted by large spaces that extend almost the full height of the building. Coupled with the concrete walls and multiple portals to the inner spaces, the design gives an imposing, almost fortress-like impression. This landing foyer provides a common link to the inner spaces, and can serve as a large greeting area for guests. 

Moving inwards, we find various functional areas. Most maintain the concrete walls, with the addition of wood and brick sections as well. Some rooms have more specific designs, such as a training dojo/tea room that maintains the traditional oriental design. 

As for the green and sustainable features, the design provides for good ventilation and insulation, resulting in minimal air-conditioning. The roof houses solar panels that generate up to 5kW of power, and there is even a rainwater collection system.