Ukay Perdana home by Nu Infinity

POSTED 7 years ago

In designing your dream home, it is sometime too tempting to go overboard with lavish designs and showpiece concepts. For this home in Ukay Perdana, Malaysia, Nu Infinity was instructed by the owners to place practicality before aesthetics. The three-floor linked terrace unit is a home for a young family that needs to be comfortable and accommodating for its occupants.

With such instructions, one might not expect much from the resulting interior design. Yet, upon entering the landing area, we are immediately greeted with a detailed lavish design that catches your breath. The modern lines and pebble stone details (complete with faux astro-turf carpet) clearly shows the design effort.

Did the designer ignore the owner’s instructions? Hardly. Along with the stunning design comes with actual practicality. Here, we find a practical bench fitting, as well as hidden storage space along the wall. This space then opens up directly into the living room that, again, speaks of the modern design thanks to lavish furnishings and detailed works. The living space keeps the openness on this floor to a maximum by including not only the landing area, but also a versatile workspace and secondary dining counter. The kitchen and main dining area is likewise an equally open space for practical use, while enjoying the same detailed embellishments and furnishings.

The bedrooms, however, incorporate a somewhat simpler and cleaner design, with most surfaces kept bare. This keeps to the overall modern concept while allowing for more practical furnishings and space for the owners personal needs. Wooden floors also differentiate the bed spaces by creating a warmer atmosphere. Of note in particular is a dedicated dressing space, furnished in light wood surfaces and adding further to the practical luxuries of this home.